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For customers with regular scheduled cleaning, account must be current to avoid interruption of service. If regular service is cancelled within 48 hours prior to scheduled time, PYS reserves the right to charge 50% of service. If PYS arrives for scheduled service and is not able to access boat we reserve the right to charge the regular cleaning fee. If on a maintenance schedule we will service your boat until early or mid October unless otherwise notified. PYS cannot control mother nature: we will do the best we can considering the conditions, and we are not responsible for what changes occur due to climate after service. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. I agree to pay a monthly 1.5% late feeing addition to a $10 administrative fee if payment is not made to PYS within 30 days of invoice date. I will be responsible for any costs incurred by PYS if outside efforts are needed to collect my account balance. Services must be paid on time to avoid service interruption. A 3.5% fee will be added to all credit card transactions.