We recommend having the exterior of your boat buffed and waxed at least once a year, but some boats may greatly benefit from a second application mid-season. This service will remove exterior scuffs, scratches and hard water deposits that remain from the previous year. Your boat will be renewed with a brilliant shine as well as protected from the hot summer sun.


This is a deep cleaning service that we provide mainly after the boat is launched in the spring, and also throughout the season.  We pull up carpets, remove cushions, open fridges and engine hatches to get your boat as clean as it can be.  A full detail inside and out.  Why would you start the season any other way?


After a spring cleaning, maintain your boat all season long with our frequent cleaning services. PYS will come on a regular schedule throughout the season to keep your boat clean and ready for use. No need to spend time wiping down before each cruise - with this service your boat will always be presentable.  Set the schedule and count on us to be there the entire season. Enjoy a clean boat all season and maximize it’s value when you sell.


On-site shrinkwrap services to protect your investment throughout the off season. We can provide services for a whole marina or small boat in your yard.  PYS uses a full frame, white shrink film and installs proper ventilation. We wrap more than just boats - dock sections, outdoor furniture, fountains, statues, etc. Just ask, and chances are we can cover it for the winter!


We can customize our services to fit your needs.  Ask us if we can help!

Some extra services we often provide:  

  • Fuel/head/water

  • Check and empty strainers

  • Cockpit carpet pressure wash

  • Captain service

  • Battery charging

  • Dock pressure washing

  • Referrals to our trusted network of marine professionals

Thank you so much for so many years of great service! You and your crew always made our boat look like new! We just sold “Sea Ya.” I hope the new owner has as much fun as we did. Thanks again! All our best to you.
— Janey and Rick Stark, 29 Tiara Coronet